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it's just incredible! Very good video,DAMN man!!! Just DAMN!!,For fucks sake, I came before I could even click on the video!! I blame the globalists poisoning our water supply with sperm-killing agents to destroy the human population, because obviously that would have an effect of how effectively I can last during sex with my right hand. Anyways, I bust a nut so hard it went out the window and probably broke my neighbor's drones, so I can't wait to be sued for that. On the bright side, he won't be able to see me naked ever again! (_)_)=======D~~~~~~~~,I laughed so hard and had to just walk away.,THE WATER IS TURNING THE FROGS GAY!,Hey Mark got a question here, how did you even last that long with those amazing eyes looking at you? Or did you have to blindfold yourself :p,Dude, he was so about to cum around 9:40.,Mark you're a real hero in the service to your country,I push through for the good of porno,Definitely one of my new favorites, mark! I think this ""trying not to cum while she's dirty talking"" kind of video is soo great man, you should try shooting more of them!

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Akinobei 21.11.2020
"whats the name of the girl at 14:40 ?,Love this cock Hero.В  What's the song that starts at 0.47 min?В  Very sexy!,Thanks Porner67.В В В Looks as if you enjoy your work.В  Keep it up (I know it keeps me up).,Thx! Dirty McKenzie - Your Love (Original Mix),I love your Cock Hero videos because you have a Cum Final.,I'm glad to hear that,Anyone know the girl/scene at 7:33?,girl at 10:25?,Do you think you could possibly ""remake"" 'C*ck Hero - Vampire' but with a different star and story?,Yes, its possible but not now,I'M mad.
Kejar 24.11.2020
"you just had that on. wow." I had the same reaction,Pretty sure my mother-in-law has a big dick already,Lance is so hot with that lipstick and those stockings :*,Well that was something I ain't seen before,Damn that Sara Jaye ass,If you are going to do one week later, you need to increase the size of the strap on and have her change clothes.,Can that guy stop saying "ooooooh" every 2 seconds, its like its his response to everything slightly attractive,WOW! That's the kind of mother-in-law I want. I would definitely marry the daughter just to fucked by her mother regularly!.,Seriously..... whatВ hasn't been in up in Lance's ass.В  I get up in there.,PAHAHAHAHA! The start was hilarious,Wish I had a mature woman to fuck me like this,wish my girlfriend's mum would fuck me like that,i wanna do this everyday and pay her 100% of my doctor salary tbh,Sara Jay is fuckin Hot w/those beautiful twin jugs displayed,That is such a hot scene!,Wow,Goddamn Sara's so hot, always gets me so horny,Janice ride me,Adoro!!!!!!!!!! В  В humm... В DELICIA.....,Love it!,Would Honestly do anything to be able to do something like this,the luckiest man on the planet