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Your partner can hold onto your butt as they pleasure you with their mouth, or they can get their hands in on the action. While you probably won't back of car sex able to do it in either one of the front seats, unless you have a car where the seats go all the way flat do those even exist? Now that you're ready to jump your partner during your next Trader Joe's trek, here's how to have great sex in a car, from expert tips to the best positions:. Use their kneeling leg as a push-off point back of car sex riding them, and grab onto each other's backs for support. You might also want to crack the window but only if you're in a super private place, of course, since you don't want to disturb anyone or get caught and arrested. You just need to straighten out a few things, and in no time you will be the master of the trade. You can even use your stone-washed dad jeans as props behind you and your partner's back to better angle yourself for bumping uglies.
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consider, that back of car sex phrase... super❷
back of car sex❷
back of car sex❷
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