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During the school year, this meant Gary had me all to himself tiny girl sex stories an hour each morning and at least three hours every afternoon. Courtesy of Carissa Lenhoff The years to come were agonizing. I knew he meant it as a compliment because he said it so often and with such pointed intensity. He even used it on me once. I do, however, remember Gary threatening me with the stun gun repeatedly.
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"And Zelda does nothing after link has saved her so many times what bitch am I right,Because she knows that this is whats best for little linky,Holy fuck there needs to be more of these! Loved it!,I agree.,I don't think he drank the potion,Who would? If you're a bi/pan guy and you had the chance to be in that kind of body, and get fucked hard like that over and over, why would you change back??,Whoever made this is a fucking genius,i scored the music for this,The creator's name is Secazz,I agree,who ever made this brought a sick twisted fantasy of mine to life and I thank you,This is the most ultimate mind fuck to link since link can't move he can't get that potion,Oh the irony... Link lost his manhood and is now getting manhandled... The irony is STRONG on this one.,Hey guys melvin here welcome to a brand new quickscope tutorial huehuehue,as awesome as this is, i wish Link was his male self, a skinny little twink getting plowed by gannondorfs huge green cock,you know when you nut and just realize what you watched..........,Make Midna a Futa to fuck Linkle, thank you.,A few months ago i was like ""What is this sin"" and now I've come around and I actually liked it,Best way to prying your mind open.,love to see this continued where ganon fucks the rest,PAYBACK YOU REVERSE OOMPA LOOMPA SHITWEASEL!,This is seriously fucking sad................. Well at least we know why pity-fucking was invented. HEY ZELDA YUR UP NEXT. Also couldn't midna who used magic to change link gender just have made into a stud.FAITHLESS FUCKING BITCH MUCH?,I love that like halfway through, Lana just shows up in the background for no reason.,to short,Gayyyy,RAMIREZ! STOP WATCHING THESE DAMN PORN VIDEOS ON MY ACCOUNT, DAMMIT!,Oh no, Look how they massacred my boy,is this gay for link? he got fucked by a man but he was a girl, is he gay or not?,Normally im not into gannon x link or anything but this is actually pretty good i stopped fapping to admire how good links mode was.,Exceptionally well made. Fucking loved ever second of it.,Love the animation.... Hate her voice.... Still came though.... ;-),This was pretty great.,This wasn't half bad, who made it?,It was Secazz,Link what to be fuck now than him fucking,Yeah boy.,So why is Nayru there?,two questions:

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