July Happenings!

Hey guys! July has been an uber busy month! And on top of all my circus/show adventures, I’m moving (still Bay Area– just moving places!). August will bring about some well-deserved down time, and in September I’ll be doing a residency @ Supperclub SF! What does that mean, you ask? It means you may find me there, performing, every weekend in September– hooray!

Speaking of Supperclub, I had a great time performing this act for their “blue collar”-theme of July. Check out the video from this past Saturday!


Also, the episode of “I (Almost) Got Away With It,” featuring myself as an extra, airs tomorrow, July 31st! The episode is titled “GOT to Make You A Superstar,” and is broadcast on the Investigation Discovery (I.D.) channel. I think it airs around 7pm in the West Coast, but check your local listings if you wanna watch me in action (there is a pole involved!). Hooray #2 for being on TV!


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